President's Board

The President’s Board is responsible for governing the University of St.Gallen. Prof. Thomas Bieger has been president since 2011. Prof. Dr. Lukas Gschwend, Prof. Dr. Peter Leibfried, Prof. Dr.Kuno Schedler and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schmid are the vice-presidents.

HSG President's Board 2019

President's Board of the University of St.Gallen: Vice-President Prof. Dr. Kuno Schedler, President Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger, Vice-President Prof. Dr. Lukas Gschwend; Vice-President Prof. Dr. Ulrike Landfester

The President is elected from among the professors. He fulfils the functions entrusted to him by the University Statutes and further decrees. In particular, these functions include the chairmanship of the Senate and the Senate Committee, the management of the University, the introduction and coordination of planning measures, the representation of the University to the outside world and the supervision of the University’s administration.

President’s Board
The President’s Board supports the President in the discharge of his functions. Besides the President, the President’s Board consists of the Vice-Presidents and the Directors reporting to them, the Executive Director, the General Counsel and the Head of Communication. The Vice-Presidents are elected from among the professors. Prof. Dr. Lukas Gschwend has been Vice-President, Studies & Academic Affairs, since 2015. Prof. Dr. Peter Leibfried has been Vice-President, Planning & Development, since 2019. Prof. Dr. Kuno Schedler has been responsible for Research & Faculty since 2015. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schmid has been Vice-President, External Relations, since 2019.

The President's Board further includes Hildegard Kölliker, General Counsel; Dr. Bruno Hensler, Director of Administration; Dr. Marc Meyer, Dean of Studies & Academic Affairs; Dr. Monika Kurath, Dean of Research & Faculty; Dr. Peter Lindstrom, Dean of External Relations; and Marius Hasenböhler-Backes, Director of Communications.